Reflex XTR Simulator 

From this page you can download several "sceneries" for the Reflex XTR model flight simulator: 

Click a filename below with the right hand mouse button. Then select SAVE (not OPEN) .

For more about the excellent Reflex model flight simulator, click here.

These sceneries can also be used with the RealFlight flight simulator. However, the Reflex flight simulator does make a rather better job of it.

I created these sceneries using a camera on a tripod. I took a great many photographs as I gradually rotated the camera through 360, twice, at different elevations. I then used software to stitch these photographs together into a spherical panorama compatible with the Reflex model flight simulator.

The software used was PTgui, with a plug-in called Autopano. Click those names if you'd like to know more. It's rather fun!